This is my story and my mom needs help to continue to change dogs lives like she has mine! Please read on!

Hi my name is Bluebell! It is sometime in December of 2008! 
I am an 11 year old dapple smooth coat Dachshund!
I spent my life in a barn having babies for a woman to sell! Little did I know what kind of life I was missing out on!
Then one day she moved me to a dark corner at the back of the barn! I was not sure why the change but it is was a lot darker back here and the other dogs I was with are old and have lots of problems.
I soon realized that I did not see the woman very much anymore and the dogs back here were pretty much ignored! 
I lived in a 2 foot by 3 foot wooden box. I do not know how long I was back here but my teeth started to hurt and my stomach started to get lumps and bumps on it! Slowly I started to loose my teeth and those bumps were getting bigger! 
I wondered what had changed? Why was I not having babies anymore. I sure did not miss those days of caring for my babies and then she would come and take them and I would never see them again. I loved and cared for them as well as I could. Had I done something wrong? How come she did not come and cut my nails or give me shots or anything anymore! When we did see her it was to set a bowl of food in our box and that was it!
Then one day I heard a young voice there talking to the lady about older dogs that needed homes!
A few days later that same new voice was back and they were talking about a list of dogs who needed to go!
There were 14 of us on that list. I was one close to the end! it did not take long to realize as the list went down the problems with the dogs got worse!
I could not believe my ears when the woman who had cared for me my whole life said I had cancer and she could not afford to take care of me! I wondered how it was that I had been making babies for her for years, she was making all that money off them and she could not afford it!
That day the new voice took some dogs and I was not one of them! Where were they going? Would they come back.? I was so scared of what was next! 
A week or so later that new voice was back and I was sure hoping she was headed my way! I could here them talking and she came so close I could smell her! But once again she took dogs and did not even look at me! 
THEN the day came. I heard her voice again, I heard my name come out of her mouth! She was coming to get me out of the corner! No she just came to cut my nails and see how bad my lumps and bumps were.
She sat in the wooden box with me and took her time introducing herself. Once I got close she took me on her lap and cut my nails. They were a mess and curled over so it was hard to walk.
After she took a look at my teeth her whole expression changed. She made a terrible face and turned away! She said I had terrible smelly breath! I was hurt! I had no idea I had bad breath! I could not brush my own teeth! I thought all dogs like me had this breath. Was there another option?
She got out of the box and talked to the woman again. She said than she would be back after she called the vet! 
Guess what she came back and she this time came and sat with me and told me that we were going for a ride!
She took me to meet her vet who takes care of all her dogs.
He was very nice but once he started to talk to the my new mom she started to cry! She was not happy and I did not know why! We left the office with a box of medicine she said was just for me!
She took me to the truck and we got in! She even let me sit on her lap!
She called the woman and told her the bad news and started to cry again!
She told the woman that I WAS not going back to her house and I would go home with her!
So that day my life changed!
My new mom brought me into a house with a lot of wiener dogs. Wow what were they all doing in here? I was never allowed in the house! How did they get away with this?
She took me out in the back yard and I was in heaven. I just went and laid down in the dirt to soak up the sun! 
My new mom came to the back of the house and called all the dogs. I was way to happy to get up so I just stayed there. She called again and came to the door. Then she ran up to where I was and looked scared to death. She thought I was dead. No mom I just am not listening cause I want to stay here! I had never been able to lay in the sun. I had no idea how good it would feel. I had been in the dark so long I had no idea what I was missing! 
So she let me stay out there as long as I wanted!
Dinner time came around and I got a hot soft meal that did not hurt my teeth!
Wow this new life is great!
What took so long for me to get here!
I now get to hang out in the back yard or even on the couch during the day. She does have a crate for me to sleep in. I was shocked to have my own place! No one else could sleep in my really fluffy and pink bed or blanket! They were MINE!! I hide in there sometimes when people who I do not know come over! I am still a little worried that someone will come and take me back to that barn!

Mom has sat me down and told me that I will live a pampered life for as long as I live! She cried when she said she was not sure how long it would be. She says my cancer is bad and at some point will send me to the bridge!
I am so glad she brought me here!
I wag my tail now, I got a bath and she even gives me treats!
I worry about all the other dogs where I came from but mom says she is working on it!
The woman has lots and lots of dogs and needs to stop breeding!
She prays one day she will be able to shut the puppy mill down completely!
So please if you can make any kind of donation we would really appreciate it!
Thanks and Happy Holidays!
P.S. mom says I even have a present under the tree! I was a little confused by the whole tree in the house with lights but the rest of the dogs said it happens every year!

May 2009 update. I am still doing great! I have finally found happiness and love in a home with other older dogs who will most likely never be adopted! Nick-E's Sanctuary in Creston has offered to let me live out my life there! I am sad to leave my new mom who took me out of that barn BUT she says this is a wonderful place that is much more calm and quiet. SHE SAYS MY NEW MOM AND DAD WILL LOVE ME TOO EVEN THOUGH I AM OLD AND NOT IN GOOD SHAPE! ! This is heaven! 

July 2010 update. I have left this world for the Rainbow Bridge. I cannot wait to see all my family who is there. 
Little do they know there was a life outside of that barn. I just wish more of them had made it out like me. 
I hope and pray one day that breeder will have to stop and let all the dogs in that Barn go to homes to be loved. Whether just for a few months or hopefully a few years they need to know what it is like! 
My teeth so rotten even my jaw bone had rotted! 
Mammary tumors that the breeder ignored and said she had no money to fix! 
The other side was just as bad! 
A view of the larger tumor from the side! 
Finally a part of a family! I am in a house, I am on a couch and I have friends and a blanket. No more shavings to sleep in and a hard floor to lay on!