Seems no matter how hard I work or how much time I spend trying to promote rescue and educate the public there are those out in our world who choose to "BASH"  EITHER  OUR RESCUE  OR  ME  PERSONALLY! So I have chosen to make a page dedicated to all the "HATERS" out there who either are ignorant and really don't know the truth or don't care to step out of their box and accept the TRUTH! 
1.We are a licensed and inspected rescue
 with a permit to operate in SLO County permit # C2575 SLO County Animal Control 805-781-4400 can verify my status 
2. We are a true no kill! We take in many old, sick and injured dogs that are due to be killed at shelters! If you would like to verify please feel free to contact San Luis Obispo, Kern County, Kings County, Clovis, Sacramento, and L.A. Animal Controls! This list is always growing so please feel free to contact me with ?'s (we do not put down aggressive, old, undesirable dogs, we also do not kill dogs to make space for other dogs Woods Humane Society is not a no kill shelter, neither are most ASPCA etc. So next time you are told a shelter is no kill ask if they kill aggressive, old, injured dogs and cats?) The only dogs that have been put down are ones who are too ill or are dying and this can be verified by Atascadero Pet Hospital 805-466-3880
3. We are a non-profit 501(c)3 We are joining forces with Pet Matchmaker! 
We joined with Dachshund Haven in 2011 and after having been part of the Rescue Alliance who is the non-profit I was associated with in 2009, 2010 and opted out in 2011. 
2008 not a non profit and never claimed to be! 
2009 Rescue Alliance
2010 Rescue Alliance
2011 dropped out of Rescue Alliance and we did not claim any affiliation with any rescues! 
2012 we started the process to join forces with Dachshund Haven!
2013 Dachshund Haven (reports to come)
2014 Dachshund Haven (reports to come) 
4. We do not breed dogs
5. All of our dogs are spayed / neutered, up to date on shots, micro chipped (dogs who are too  young or health issues are pending are adopted with a spay / neuter contract) 
6. We take in all breeds! Not just Dachshunds! 
7. All our dogs live in our home!
8. We have operated since April of 2008 and have rescued over 1800 dogs!