Count the Spots 3-14-1998 to 3-15-2010
Count was my best friend, my sole mate and the other man in my life! Count went every where with me! 
Count leaves a giant hole in my heart now that he has gone to the bridge!
I miss you soooo much doodle! Trips without my co-pilot will never be the same! 
I hope they have Sonic grape cream slushies there! If not I will send ya one! I love you! 
Darling Darla came to us 
2-19-2010 and went to the 
bridge 3-13-2010
Darla was the worst case of neglect we had ever experienced! Anyone who looked at Darla or read all the problems she had would have said put her down! BUT all of us who got to know her and saw her fabulous spirit and will to live would see it very different. She loved her daddy and was happiest to snuggle with him. She left us for the bridge in bed next to her daddy right where she belonged! Your spirit touched many people little one! 
We miss you! 
Little Petey, poor Petey we wish we could have gotten you sooner. Poor Petey came to us with Parvo and sadly did not even last 24 hours with us!  He came to us with 5 other wire haried mix pups from the Kern County Animal Shelter. The other 5 were able to fight off the Parvo but poor Petey was too far gone and he was the runt! 
It is never easy to loose the battle with these guys but helpless puppies are the worst! All they needed were their shots but obviously the person who abandonded these pups did not care!  He paid the ultimate price! 
Lacey 3-24-2009 to 6-29-2009 Lacey to came to us from a breeder over in Fresno. She had had no shots and had been exposed to Parvo. Her brother Lars also contracted the disease but he survived! Once again all it would have taken to save this little girl was her vaccines. 
Lacey was full of life when she came to live here with Lars. Each day we see lars grow and know that poor Lacey never had the chance! Beautiful little girl we will never forget you! 
 Rosie came to us from a local breeder. As you can see from the size of Rosie she was obese! Poor Rosie could barely walk because she was so fat. The breeder who had her gave her us because of a divorce! When they brought her to me they told me she had been eating puppy chow because it was what she liked! I personally think that people who over feed their dogs should go to jail just like those who starve them!  Rosie I wish had had more time with you so that we could have helped save your life! 
She died in Greggs arms! 
Lars you faught so hard to hold on, I wish we had more time. This poor dog was skin and bones when we got him and received no care from the shelter he was in. The day I picked him up I was sure he would not make it through the night! With tons of love, medicine and will this little man fought for 17 days. His body had been too depleted for it to come back. He went from lethargic to playing in the baby pool with Posey! I hate to see dogs who want so bad to live but their past makes it impossible! 
We love you and think of you often buddy! 
Toshi 11-10-2003 to 9-10-2009 
Toshi please know that you are missed and I do hope and pray that sending your ashes out to sea has taken you closer to your beloved mother Piers. I miss you both and wish you could had been in my life longer! 
Piers was Toshi's mother who died the eve of Thanksgiving 2009, she was a very special woman who loved Dachshunds her entire life!
 I was blessed to know the two of them! 
This guy had to be the most perfect example of a hunk of wiener I have ever seen! He did not know much other than his mom when he came here but he won a lot of hearts while here. 
We sure miss you big boy! 
Posey 11-27-2000 to 10-17-2008 She came to us from a terrible breeder who neglected her dogs badly! Count, Anya, Strawberry, Posey the II and many more came from the same woman! Poor Posey had displaced hips and since the woman claimed to be broke she never took Posey to be checked out. So for over two years this poor dog drug herself around. Sadly when we had her examined she was in a lot of pain and I made the decision to put her out of her pain! I wish we could have helped you more pretty girl! Your son Charlie is very loved and care for! 
Baron Bear 12-14-2007 to 10-8-2009  Baron came to us from a local breeder who we will not mention due to the fact we have nothing nice to say about her! It was obvious when we looked at him he had some physical issues. He had too much skin and no muscle. We worked hard to get this precious boy healthy and happy. We made him one of our own and planned to love the guy forever. Sadly he left us to cross the bridge at almost 2 years old. We still do not know why he left but we do know why he came. He was an angel dressed in fur! Baron this house is too quiet without you and you have no idea how much we miss your happy personality and voice! Baron Pop! 
These precious dogs have all crossed the Rainbow Bridge! 
Every one of them touched our hearts!
I understand I cannot save them all BUT loosing them sure hurts! 
Wilber Wilber WILBER  this guy was such a kick in the pants. He was about a year old when he left us for the bridge. It is never easy to loose a dog but when they are this young it makes it worse. Wilber sadly was killed by other dogs. We are still struggling to under stand why and how it happened! 
He was a red dapple and looked like a bigger version of Lars.
We sure miss your adorable expressions and you floppy big feet dude! .
Maggie was about 6 when she came to us in Jan. of 2010. She came from a breeder who neglected her and her needs. We are pretty certain it was cancer that ate her body up. She faught and faught and faught but finally her body just could not keep going!  Even the day I put her down she still raised her head to kiss me! 
She was a gentle sweet loving girl that we dearly miss! 
Marnie's pups Maddox, Mini, Madelin and Maddson all died of what we think was Distemper. These precious little ones were about 10 weeks old when we lost them! It was one of the worst weeks we have ever had here!  Loosing puppies who are this old rips your heart out! They all had the greatest personalities! 
This amazing handsome guy is Blake. he was about 4 years old when he left us for the bridge. The only thing I can think of is because someone there wanted a dog to teach all the others how to play ball! Blake is honestly one of the best dogs we have ever had here! He was a keeper and we often talked about not letting him be adopted and keeping him forever. Sadly one night while staying at Teri and Tera's house he died! We had a necropsy preformed and nothing was found. This little boy was a pleasure to have around and was one of my main squeezes. He was always up for playing ball or giving mom hugs and kisses! 
Not sure why you left me buddy but I sure miss your handsome stares! 
This precious old man was dumped at the Kern County Animal Shelter. I entedned on bringing him home for some wonderful days since I knew they would be his last. Sadly the day I went to get him it was painful obvious this guy was not in the condition to go for a ride. It was time for him to be at peace and no longer in pain! I made the decision to have him put down while I was there. We wrapped him in a blanket and made sure he was in loving arms when he left us for the bridge! I sure hope he knows even for a short time he was loved! 
This precious little lady is Beauty. I thankfully got her out of a breeders barn so she could enjoy the last few years she had left! Beauty was adopted by Ali and her daughter. She was very loved and had a best buddy who watched all the princess movies with her. She passed away in her moms arms. The wonderful person who took in an older dog and treated her like a queen! Beauty I hope they have princess movies in Dog Heaven! 
This is Tessa and her pups. She actually had 9 puppies but sadly we lost them all. We did not even have a chance to get pictures of them all before they started dying! Within 48 hours of being born they were all gonel Nothing we tried worked and in the end it was determined they most likely had Distemper and gave it to Marnie and her pups because they were transported together :-( 
This adorable face is Niko. He was a very  shy boy who had been treated poorly by his family. He was very scared of men & kids. He loved to be cuddled and held if he trusted you. I cannot tell you how many times I woud just pick him up and hold him. I wanted him to know he could trust me! 
This poor guy was in a foster home that was working with him and his issues with men when he was attacked by another dog there for training!  Sadly this dog attacked and killed another dog about a week later and also had to be killed :-( 
Niko I wish I would have kept you here and never let you go. I thought I was doing what was best and in the end you did not even have me to tell you I loved you and it would be ok! 
This is Willy he was taken out of the shelter in bad shape. He had a terrible cut that was about 8 inches from the back of his neck down almost completely around his neck. We are unsure how it happened but it was an obvious clean cut that looked to be done by a sharp object. We faught like hell for this guy but he ended up with pneumonia and his poor body just could not take anymore and we lost him! 
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JENNY with us from 11-09 to 11-17-10
What can I say about Jenny, she was a special girl. Anyone who met her was appalled at her mammary tumors that drug on the ground! Jenny did not care. All she cared about was being with me and of course saying "I love you" whenever she had the chance! 
Jenny fought hard through many bouts with her tumors and such! They had finally reached her lungs and it had come to the point she was struggling to breath!
Even on the table at the vet to go the bridge she was wagging her tail and had these bright eyes!
This photo was taken about 24 hours prior to her trip to the bridge! 

MAX with us from 12-17-10 to 1-2-11
Never have I had a dog who I did not take pictures of! Sadly Max was the first and I had to take this picture once he had already left us for the bridge! I knew he was older and I knew he had had it rough but I never dreamed that we would have him only two weeks! It was not fair and I wish buddy we had been able to do more for you! 
You are in my thoughts constantly! 

Pebbles just three months and put down since contracted Distemper from the Kern County Animal Shelter! 4-14-2011
Got this guy out of the Kern shelter in February
He went down hill real fast! 
We did all kinds of lab work and it all spelled out organ failure!
He was a fighter even when he was skin and bones and down to six pounds he still followed me everywhere! 
I had to make the decision to send him to bridge which sucked but I know he is in a better place! 
approx. 12 years old
Went to the Bridge 6-29-2011

Peanut Approx 17 years old
What can I say about this precious little girl! Used for breeding before she was adopted by her forever family. Her mom wound up hurt and could not care for her anymore and she came to us! 
She lost her eye sight last year and it did not slow her down one bit. She still made her way anywhere she wanted to go. She loved to go into our room and snuggle in our bed under the covers! 
With us 2-2009 to
Scarlett came to us about 2 and a half years ago (2009)from Dolores the breeder in Tempelton. She spent 7 years of her life in a barn having babies for Dolores. Once she was no longer needed to produce she was given to me. Scarlett was never socialized and had never known life out of that barn. She came a long way BUT she never got to be someones baby girl. She never had a chance to be a normal dog. The damage was done! We tried to keep her happy and this picture is  special to me. She never got to lay in the sun when she lived in a barn for 7 years. She loved the sun. This is what made her happy. She was a special girl who just never had the chance to be a baby girl for someone and that will never be ok in my heart! I hope life is less scary up there girl!
Went to the bridge Sept. 13th 2011
Mya Mya pants on Fya!
This sweet girl came to us from her wonderful owner Sean. It is not very often that a dog is surrendered and the owner stays involved and stays in touch! Mya was a very sweet older dog who you would never know was as old as she was. She loved the sun, she loved to go on walks, she loved to chase the lizards. She was still one active little girl! This picture was taken by her daddy Sean on a hike. I did not include a picture of her here because I know in this picture she was at her happiest. Mya's dad had to start working out of town and that just was not fair for Mya. She needed a stable home and attention daily. I cannot tell you how hard it was to loose this girl and then to have to share with her dad that she had left us!  Mya lived a vibrant 17 years and she will be missed by so many who were familiar with her!
I know the sun is shining on you pretty girl! Miss you! 
It is just not the same here without you! 
This precious little one came to us from the shelter and ended up with Distemper! She was about 6 months old.  She fought for three weeks.  I had to make the heart breaking decision to put her down when the Pneumonia had made it just to hard for her to breath! 
This little girl showed the courage and strength to kick this damn disease and we hoped and prayed she could. 
This little one came to us so over weight she could barely walk. Oh and she was BLIND!  She lost a total of 9 pounds while with us. She was one amazing girl. She was with us from March 2011 to Aug 2011 and was adopted. She passed in December at the too young age of six! She will never be forgotten.
Where so I start with Charlie Brown! This old man just never stopped. Any chance he could get he was out the front door and dcown the driveway! Do not be fooled he could still out run ya! This dog was exposed to everything from Distemper to Parvo to kennel cough but never was he sick! 
With us Jan 09 to April 2nd 2012

Jenny II
June 8th 2012 to July 11th 2012
The fact you came and left so fast hurts so badly. The second I saw you I knew you were special. You touched my heart somewhere deep. I look back now and know that we had to fix that rotten mouth and we had to remove all those tumors and spay you but did it cause your heart failure? Would you have left me no matter what? Answers I will never know but what I do know is that I love you and miss you! I miss those eyes and that smile. Even when we took you to the vet and set you on that table you still looked at us with the love in your eyes!  Oh how I wish things had been different. Another dog lost too soon because of neglect! Another precious life lost because of neglect. I wish I had found you sooner! We love and miss you! 

Hugo you came and left so fast it was as if you were already an angel!  We had no idea of your past but obviously there was much more to the story than we had time to learn. I hope you enjoyed your afternoons with Chelsea while you were here. There are not too many Dachshunds she let sleep on her bed with her! Maybe she thought you were her little brother that never grew up to be a Rottweiler!
I hope at some point here you understood you were loved! I know Jacquie and Johnny loved you too! Oh how I hope whoever tied you to that stop sign will one day be faced with judgement for what they did! Wish we had more time with you! 
Miss Sassy Pants
With us from June 6-7-2012 to 7-15-2012
Well Miss Sas we miss you! I have never met a more silly spunky gray faced dog in my life. I hope there are shadows to chase up there at the Bridge because you sure enjoyed that! I miss your looks and your barks demanding attention. I have no idea why you left us so soon and it breaks my heart into peices to know you died alone. That is not how it is supposed to be around here! I am so sorry if I missed some kind of sign there was a problem! Mom needs a break and loosing you is a painful reminder of that! 
I miss you and your happy go lucky attitude little one!