These are 
"Our Kids" 
The ones who will be forever our kids! 
Taken a while to get page going but it is now started with more to come! 
Tobey Doo in Carmel
Torey Ann in Carmel
Piggles Wiggles
This is when she was only a pup but it is one of my favorite pictures! 
Tobey in Shell Beach, Counts 12th birthday party
Piggles stole my chair at Nacimiento Lake
Gracey Ann one of our rescue girls
Posey knows she was rescued from a puppy mill! 
Lars II was the first dog we saved from Parvo.
CJ (Count Junior) Baby picture
Bidgette my sidekick, found wondering in Lompoc.
Forrest the one who walked in and stole Daddy's heart! 
It rips out me heart to say that we lost Chelsea our "hairy bear" in May 2014. She was 14 YEARS OLD! There are no words to explain what it was like to loose my best friend. The one who always stood by my side through the last 14 years! So many up and downs and she was always by my side!